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Owen Williams

Captain Planet and the Planeteers dublat in romana: Cine sunt personajele, ce puteri au si cum il poti invoca pe Captain Planet

Ill tell you what, dear. Im tired of being sealed away in that stuffy little tree- I never thought Id say this but Im enjoying all the fresh air. Hexxus chuckles deeply, but continues. I dont want to get sealed away again any time soon, so I promise that I wont go destroying all of nature like I so deeply want to. He brushes his thumb along the captains bottom lip, and grins when the smaller being jerks his head away.What-Whats stopping me from just sealing you away and being done with you? He asks, glaring up at Hexxus.Well, Captain, I think we could set up an mutually beneficial relationship, he says, mockingly. I wont corrupt the world any more than the humans are, for the time being, but, the pollution being gets close to the captains lips he doesnt want to bite him. What.....

captain planet and the planeteers dublat in romana

So tell me dear, do you think I should just give up and join him? I so much want to, because he is so endlessly amusing, he says. But if I just seal you away there will be nothing to prevent him from going on such a rampage, and I dont want the ravaging of the planet in the future. If you give up, he wont do anything. You can be my stunt double, he says.What are you? Captain Planet asks.Um, I dont know what you call the magical creature that, uh, lives in the sky, here. Well, I think I can be this for you, says Hexxus. If you do this, I wont have to worry about my spirits getting sealed away forever. I promise, he says, only I wont be 100% mortal after the encounter as well. Oh, he says, hes quite comfortable with that. Im sure he will be, Captain, and you can be my stunt double. I cant think of any way that this will be bad. Whats that thing called? I ask. Hexxus knows what the Captain means, and laughs. You dont have to worry about that stuff, Captain. What the hell?


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