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Dead Island Zombie Of The Year Edition !!INSTALL!!

They awaken in a beach hut with a group of survivors, and after helping defend the hut from zombies, they assist the survivors moving to the more secure Lifeguard Tower. From here, they assist the survivors by getting supplies, gas, food and drink to sustain them, as well as a more powerful radio receiver to try and reach a voice who has been contacting them via the radio. However, it's not enough and they will eventually need to go to the main city on the island to find more food, the City of Moresby. To this end, they return to the Hotel and, with the assistance of a security guard, they manage to make their way to the Hotel parking garage and recover an armoured truck. After escaping the Hotel with it, they take it to a mechanic to be armoured up to be an unstoppable tank. After defending the workshop, the mechanic makes them promise to take his daughter, Jin, with them to protect her, as he's been bitten and will soon turn. After finally agreeing, they leave with Jin to travel to Moresby.

Dead Island Zombie of The Year Edition

They return to the Lab to find it overrun and all the scientists dead. Luckily, Yerema survived due to being locked in a cage and a cure is safely in a fridge. Taking the cure and Yerema, they all make their way to the Prison. After being let in by the prisoners, they strike a deal with Titus to let them through to Cell Block C where White is. After helping get food for the prisoners and failing to get weapons for them as well, they are doing another task for Titus when White contacts them on a radio and tells them a different way to him, through the Prison sewers. Taking this route, they emerge in the Prison showers where they find Jin and Yerema, who tell them that a riot happened in the Canteen when some prisoners rose up against Titus. This caused zombies to attack and wipe out the prisoners in the Canteen. With no choice, they take an elevator to White where they are gassed unconscious.

Awaking to one of the prisoners, a man named Kevin, he informs them that White gassed them and stole the cure. However, they can still catch him before he makes it to a helicopter on the roof. To speed them up, he also reveals that White plans to nuke the island to wipe out the undead, as well as any survivors with it. Making their way through the highly overrun but faster Prison Hospital, they manage to catch up to White on the roof. After fighting through his soldiers and zombies, they find the colonel on a helipad with his undead wife in tow, who is now completely turned. Keeping them under gunpoint, he tells them that he plans to give the cure to scientists in Australia who can mass produce a vaccine. However, Jin releases the colonels wife who bites him, forcing him to shoot her. In anger, he also shoots Jin who falls off the roof to her death before injecting himself with the vaccine. However, it has the opposite effect and turns him into a mutated monster, forcing the Heroes to battle and finally kill him. Kevin flies them all away in the helicopter towards a naval fleet off shore while a news program plays in the background, reporting on the outbreak on Banoi.

"Some older zombies are already falling apart from rot. Hell, I saw one hit me so hard, it took its own dumbass arm off! Funniest shit I'd seen all day. But take my point! If the slow-and-steadies can get to ME, they WILL get to you. Till these walking dust-piles are dead for good, they can still swing the hit that brings you down."

That's just a crash course in Zombie 101: Hell-A edition. This whole city is bursting with these undead fuckers of all shapes and sizes. Each one brings their own voodoo tricks, and every last one of them looking to chow down on your sorry ass.

For those who have never played Dead Island before, it's an open world, zombie survival RPG where you can select one of four characters each with their own skills. Logan is skilled in throwing weapons, Purna is skilled in firearms, Xing Mei is skilled in sharp weapons and Sam B is skilled in blunt weapons. Of course said characters aren't locked to those types of weapons as you will find a wide variety of zombie slaying items on the island including knives, baseball bats, wooden planks, canoe paddles, hammers, molotov cocktails, guns, wooden sticks and much much more. Right as the game gets going, you are able to head out on the island and start tour journey and will get a lengthy number of quests to complete right from the start. Do you like side quests in RPG's? Well you will love Dead Island because there are side quests galore and a lot of them you can find just wandering around the island. Seriously, you can be on your way to complete one side mission and pick up three to five more along the way. There are also events that occur on the island as well and usually involve saving other survivors from zombie hoards. My favorite part of the game is probably the loot and the weapon mods. There is loot everywhere in this game and just about anywhere you look or go will be stockpiled with tons of materials and cash that you can use a modding tables. As you progress throughout the game, you will collect a number of weapon mods and there is a pretty lengthy list of mods you can collect. Each mod needs a weapon and a variety of materials to put together and some of the mods include nail bats, sharp weapons laced with poison, weapons wrapped in barbed wire, electrified weapons, firearm mods, sticky bombs and much much more. These upgraded weapons of course do massive damage to zombies and you actually start to grow attached to your modded weapons, or at least I did.

The Definitive Collection includes Dead Island Riptide. Even though it's a stand alone game, it really isn't so much of a sequel as it is an expansion pack. The story takes place immediately following the events of the first game and adds some new locations, a new character, new mods, new enemies and some new weapons. The biggest change between Dead Island and Riptide is that Riptide now has a new dynamic weather system. This is a welcome addition as the first game seemed to be constant sunny and clear skies with the weather only changing once you progress through the main story. Aside from those additions, the game is pretty much exactly the same as the first and really feels like Dead Island: Part 2. This isn't a bad thing though as it's got the same zombie killing fun of the first game and you can import your original Dead Island characters into Riptide to continue the story and their progress. Both Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide are the "game of the year" editions and come with all of the extra DLC content and include a game mode called "One Punch Mode". One Punch Mode is pretty much what it says and makes it so you deal ridiculous damage with your fists and can just hold down the attack punch and unleash a non stop barrage of punching attacks against enemies. This mode however will disable all trophy and challenge progression.

My biggest complaint with the original Dead Island were some nasty little bugs that would pop up every now and then. The biggest offender being a bug with the auto save system where your game simply wouldn't save. There were multiple times when I would hit continue on the main menu only to find out that hours of progress were gone and I was at an auto save location from long ago. Thankfully this issue has been fixed and it seems like wanted to make sure this never happened again as this version of the game will constantly auto save. Seriously, it seems like every time I look down in the corner of the screen I see that radiation symbol indicating an auto save. There is one bug however that I notice was still present in this version of the game. For whatever reason, sometimes the game won't let you talk to a quest giver to confirm that you have completed a quest. The easy fix to this however is either just to reload the game or to fast travel to one area and then fast travel back and it usually works itself out. Not a huge problem and it doesn't pop up enough to become annoying but it is there. Finally, between Dead Island and Riptide, the frame rate, while not at 60 FPS, is so much better than it was on last gen system. No longer will the frame rate come to a crawl when things start to get hectic and the games run great on the PS4. The game looks better than ever as this is one of those games where you can just get lost in the world itself as the island is absolutely beautiful and a complete contrast from the zombie apocalypse that is currently going on.

Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide are two great open world RPG's in their own right but they are also fantastic zombie survival games as well. Killing zombies never gets old and the island is a beautiful place to explore. If you missed out on these games last generation, now is a good as a time as ever to try them out as they both feel like one huge game that provides hundreds of hours of non stop, zombie slaying fun.

Sam B: [raps] You ain't scared... yet. Thangs that go bump in the night. Me... Sam B. Shrunken heads, broken legs, body parts on the concrete. Cut 'em up butcher style, gators in the swamp Red light, leave 'em dead, runnin like a track meet. Scared of nobody, what you motherfuckers want? Believe me when I tell 'em I'm a bogeyman beast. Leave 'em slashed from their head to their feet Been pricked to the chest of a bitch well fed. Cooking heat, cannibal tryna eat. I got a zombie army and you can't harm me Who do you voodoo, Bitch? Drink blood like a vampire without warning! Who do you Voodoo bitch? Stand up. am B got the thing that go bump in the night Who do you voodoo, Bitch? Hide your kids, grab your wife, better get outta sight Who do you voodoo, Bitch? Let's go

So going into a 20-minute hands-on with the game in the year 2022, I was a bit apprehensive. What sort of Frankenstinian horror awaited me behind closed doors? But, far from a shambling mess, what I played was a zombie 'em up that seemed close to what Graham saw in 2014, only polished up to a surprising, bloody gloss. 041b061a72


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